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Alexandre de Paris F/W2012 – 2013


[Hong Kong, 3 August, 2012] Fall/Winter a season in the fashion world that sees the effortless and fluid transition from Spring/Summer. The Alexandre de Paris F/W2012 – 2013 Collection whilst embracing its core heritage values and uncompromised quality introduces 6 types of modern luxury, celebrating the epiphany of the many facets of “luxury” women can play with. Depending on your mood, occasion or journey there will be something to suit every woman for the cooler season.

Fundamental Luxury
Inspired and influenced by the blending and overlapping of minimalist art patterns. Shapes are pure to place emphasis on the basic optical patterns influenced by a simplistic flow – clean and natural hues enable for an everyday minimalistic look.
Chic Luxury
For the style savvy and fashion conscious – the professional working woman, discreet yet assertive with a punch of vivaciousness. This range seamlessly accentuates the perfect female silhouette encasing an ideal balance between elegance, power and refined chic.

Absolute Luxury
This collection plays with the epitome of luxury, adorned with crystals and intricate almost sensual lace prints. For the more sophisticated woman, glowing with a mystical aura, captivating and provocative. Possessing a sense of unmistakable alluring attraction, that somehow also nestles on the boundaries between classic and seductive.

Radical Luxury
Challenging the blending and contrast of steel and concrete, metallic bronzes and greys with a hint of cubist accents gives this collection its modern touch. Neither harsh nor cold but tastefully combined hinting at a subtly feisty futuristic statement.

Ethereal Luxury
Capture winter warmth with the fresh floral distant reminiscence of Spring – romantic and nostalgic, a light dreamy collection. Feminine pastels that dabble with shades of powdery pinks, warm rose and luscious lavenders. Ideal for those that dream of winter wonderland frolics.
Imperial Luxury
An eccentric fusion of cultures interweaving to unravel an extravagant cocktail of Orient heritage “meets” glamour. A palette of rich luxury winter-safe shades of plum and crimson with dashings of gold, separating the rags from the riches.

The Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Collection will be available in-store from the beginning of August 2012. Come discover the other collections available at the Alexandre de Paris Store, Pacific Place.

Store Details
Address: Shop 221, Level 2, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
Opening Hours:10:30am to 8:30pm (Mon-Sun)

About Alexandre de Paris
Created in 1971, Alexandre de Paris Accessories is a luxury hair accessories brand boasting a heritage like non-other, with boutiques all over the world. A means of delivering from beginning to end, Alexandre de Paris is the only hair accessories brand in the market that wholly designs, manufactures, and decorates each piece by hand from the workshops in France to ensure highest levels of quality.

The Pacific Place Store, Hong Kong offers an in-store demo station where professionally trained staff can provide a dedicated and intimate service, demonstrating the ease and versatility of all the products perfecting your glamorous and chic style statement with Alexandre de Paris Accessories.
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