Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ragne Kikas wins the Première Vision Prize

Hyères Festival 2012

Sunday April 29, 6:30 pm. The Jury, presided over by Yohji Yamamoto, reward the winner of the Première Vision Prize:
Ragne Kikas, a young Estonian designer based in Hamburg (Germany), has won one of four Prizes attributed in the Fashion Competition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography.
Ragne Kikas has also been rewarded with the Public Prize of the City of Hyères.
Selected from among ten finalists, Ragne Kikas offers her vision of the radical. She takes inspiration from 15th and 16th Century armour, whose inflexible and angular shapes she translates into knits, her preferred medium. Each silhouette must be a new sculptural enigma, both evident and impenetrable at the same time.
The collection was produced with the support of Première Vision, ModAmont and Expofil: Close to Clothes, Eclair Prym Belgium S.A., and Tearfil Textile Yarns.
This is the second year in a row that Première Vision, the World’s Premier Fabric ShowTM, has partnered with the Hyères Festival and sponsored one of its prizes, in the amount of 10,000 euros. But the Première Vision Prize goes beyond the awarding of the prize money to the winning young designer.
Première Vision, whose vocation is to strengthen contacts between professionals in these most creative fields, is fully committed to this programme to support young design talents, and to building a long-term relationship.
Thus, well ahead of the Prize itself, Première Vision accorded a special welcome to the ten finalists at the February 2012 show. This allowed these young talents to forge direct contacts with exhibiting spinners, weavers, and accessories manufacturers.
Next 11 and 12 July, at Première Vision Preview New York, Ragne Kikas is invited to present her work to the press and other North American fashion professionals.
The following step will takes place in Paris: Ragne Kikas, during the Première Vision Pluriel shows (19-21 September 2012), will be a member of the Jury of the PV Awards on September 21. It will also be the occasion to show her work to the 55,000 industry professionals from more than 100 countries that visit Première Vision Pluriel each season.

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